Despite tough economic times, the future is looking bright for designers. As the need for professionally-designed Web sites and other marketing materials increases, demand for designers will increase by 15 percent in the next 7 years, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates. Students graduating from design degree programs in the next 5 years will find plentiful work and growing salaries, according to experts.

“The myth of the starving artist is dead,” says Stephen Rawlins, a leading industry observer. “More and more companies are realizing that they need great designers to stand out in today’s economy. The kids who used to doodle on their notebooks instead of working on math in high school are going to rule the world.”

Rising design salaries confirm this. According to, the middle 50 percent of Web design jobs pay between $54,140 and $71,722. The lowest 10 percent make $46,989 or less while the top 10 percent earn $80,580 or more. The middle 50 percent of graphic design specialists make between $50,234 and $64,844. For more skilled designers, these salaries can quickly rise above $100,000.

The following universities and a number of others, offer flexible, quick, and well-respected design programs online, with majors in Web design, graphic design, animation, illustration and interior design.

Kaplan University

University of Phoenix

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh: Online Division

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