Okay, so as an avid fan of Harry Potter, I reserved tickets and went with a bunch of friends to the midnight showing last night, just like thousands of other fans did.  It was fun seeing teenagers dressed up as characters and it reminded me of past premieres.

I have read all the books and enjoyed each one.  I thought that this movie was pretty consistent with the books, however there were a couple of things that didn’t thrill me.

I really didn’t like the scene in the movie where Professor Dumbledore and Harry go to that cave in order to retrieve the horcrux.  I really disliked how the zombies looked.  It looked like the producers had just copied Gollum off of Lord of the Rings and added an eating disorder.  I thought the zombies were more weird than scary.

Another thing that I didn’t like was when the Death Eaters entered Hogwarts and they joined Malfoy in the tower.  The book clearly states that Dumbledore had frozen Harry and placed the invisibility cloak over him in order to protect him.  Whereas the movie is completely different.  It shows Harry on the level below Dumbledore and the death eaters and it even shows Snape walking past Harry on the stairs in order to get to the action upstairs in the tower.

Then another problem is that it never mentions the different groups that Voldemort is recruiting to his side.  You only see the death eaters.  It never shows or mentions Vampires or that Lupin is acting as a spy with the Werewolves or that Hagrid is out trying to recruit Giants.  It just seems like it is a typical battle between Harry and Voldemort with the main players, rather than the entire world being divided onto two sides.

Despite these discrepancies, I really enjoyed the way they filmed the movie, and the effects were great.  I liked how the other parts of the story followed the book closely and I enjoyed some of the new characters.

Just for the record Lavender, Ron’s girlfriend drove me nuts.  Although that’s exactly how she was described in the book.  She acted like a teenager with raging hormones, but still childlike in many ways.  When she would say “Won Won” I would instantaneously cringe.

Another character that was played really well was Professor Slughorn.  I really liked how engrossed he was with his star pupils.  He liked being linked to celebrities and he was easily flattered, which led to major problems because he told Voldemort about horcruxes.  It was also funny to see how boring Slughorn’s parties were; you could feel the characters pain, just by watching the screen.

All in all I would give The Half Blood Prince four out of five stars.  I enjoyed it and I know Harry Potter fans will as well.  Most fans I am sure will go see it at least two times.

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  • Hmm the main thing that really annoyed me was that there was no battle in the castle. There was no need for the wardrobe in the castle, because the death eaters didnt need to be in the castle. They did nothing, and when they were escaping with Snape and Malfoy, they met no resistence.

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