Both businesses and celebrities have been advertising on Facebook lately. First, there are plenty of ways for businesses to advertise on Facebook, and which method you choose really depends on what message you are trying to get across. The first method is to start a group. You can start an “Apple Computer Enthusiasts” group. This gets people excited about your brand and gives what you do a community feel. Now, not everyone wants to create a group, so many people create a page where people can become fans, and anytime someone joins it will say something like “Cameron just became a fan of the Utah Jazz.” The last option, and the option that most business will use is the side bar advertisement. Companies like Wal-Mart usually cannot get too many people to become “Fans” or join their group.

Celebrities on the other hand usually create pages that people can become fans of. Oddly enough, Vin Diesel has the most fans of his page by far! He has over 5 million fans. Second to him is House, from the Fox series, and real close behind him is Meghan Fox.

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