Real estate may be on the rise again, and there may never be better deals on home loans and property than now. Real estate used to be known as a completely safe investment, and people knew that it would appreciate, sadly though, many people took that assumption too far, and it cost them their house and their credit, and that happening to thousands of people eventually turned into the housing crisis. If you have been lucky enough to avoid that downfall, you may want to consider purchasing now. Land and housing prices have dropped significantly, and many states and the federal government are offering tax rebates and other credits for first time buyers. 

If you have the money, there are some interesting deals as well. This economic downturn has hurt some celebrities just like it is has hurt normal people. You can actually buy a few houses that were owned by celebrities' everyday. The list changes all the time, but right now for instance David Beckham and his wife are downgrading, and they are selling their L.A. home. If you are rich, and you want a little celebrity property, this may be the time!

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