The most effective teeth whitener is something everyone looks for but no one finds. It seems that there is always a new product that was just realized that will revolutionize your smile, making it whiter and brighter. For instance, I purchased toothpaste just the other day that has “bright strips.” They are little squares that dissolve in your mouth. I have no idea how that would work better than the traditional toothpaste with hydrogen peroxide, but I bought it because it was new and cool. I am going to keep trying new products, even though the better strategy my be to simply find something that works and stick with it.  

I always wonder if celebrities use the same toothpaste as I do, or if there is some sort of designer toothpaste I don’t know about because I am a normal person. I am not sure I see Brad Pitt getting as excited as I am about “bright strips.” I know that they all have their teeth whitened weekly and all, but they still have to use toothpaste right? Well whatever toothpaste Brad Pitt uses, that is the kind I would like to use as well.

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