A growing trend in medical surgery is the use of minimally invasive robotics. What this does is reduce scarring, reduce operation time, and it does not open up the entire patient to the air. It does this by using miniature cameras, known as endoscopes, and robotic arms that enter the body through tiny holes so it is less invasive, hence the name minimally invasive surgical robots. The leading MIS robot is the da Vinci, and it sold by Intuitive Surgical. Now, these robots aren’t something anyone can simply buy, since the price tag is close to $1.7 million, but most hospitals now have at least one of these robots. To see the amazing power of these robots, go to Youtube and search for da vinci surgical system. 

One of my favorite videos is an origami they make using the da Vinci surgical system. Seriously, if you are bored at all, go and watch what this machine can do. On another video, they skin a grape perfectly and quickly. A lot of people have gotten a little crazy when they are playing around with the da Vinci robot system.

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