Designing a webpage cannot be calculated or programmed. It is something that an artist has to do. This can make creating a webpage difficult, because often the programmer has no artistic skills or the artist has no programming skills. It is good to have both types of people. The web designer, or artist, has to be able to show the programmer what he or she wants them to see and then program. Working with this kind of dynamic can be difficult, and I believe it is harder to find great artists than great programmers. Programming is something that can be taught to anyone, whereas art is something that is more of talent. 

It is kind of the difference between a director and a producer of a movie. Directors have an intuitive feel for how a movie should go. Sure they study, but there is some sort of X-factor that cannot be taught. A producer really is someone who manages the movie. It takes a ton of work, but you just need to be organized and a hard worker (among other things), but there is nothing that cannot be taught to someone else. I can name great directors, but I really don’t know of a single producer.

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