How do you know win is the right time to get into a mortgage? Mortgage rates are constantly fluctuating, and the difference of even one percent could cost or save you thousands of dollars, so you want to make sure you are waiting to get a low rate. On the other hand, the sooner you are in your mortgage, the sooner you can start building equity. In addition, you can also refinance to get a better rate. It is important you calculate what your loan will cost at various rates, and you can do that with a mortgage payment calculator online. Everyone’s situation is different, and you will never have the same loan as your neighbor. 

Do you think celebrities calculate their mortgage payments in advance? I wonder if MC Hammer did, because I doubt it seeing how he went bankrupt. Same thing with Mike Tyson. Donald Trump on the other hand hopefully knows what is a good rate and what is not, but I doubt it as well since he has gone bankrupt a couple times. That is why it is important to calculate your own mortgage rate so you don’t end up filing bankruptcy like those celebrities.

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One comment on “Did MC Hammer Know His Mortgage Rate?

  • If you have a house you better know what your mortgage rate is. I can believe some of those athletes don’t know. They leave all of their affairs in the hands of some adviser somewhere, spend all their money, and wonder why they are losing their home.


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