The best places to find new fashion trends are usually not at department stores or catalogs. Those reflect last year’s trends, since it takes them about a year to catch up to the designer clothing. However, most normal people never notice this because everyone around them is wearing last year’s fashion. The best place to look for new trends is on celebrities. You can always pay for the new trends at expensive designer stores, but I would rather look at celebrities then create my new trend clothing by buying cheaper clothes and combining them. You can always find relatively cheap clothing online, it just takes some creativity and visualization to mimic the designer and celebrity fashion.

There is one celebrity I wouldn’t take fashion advice from though. That is Bruno (yes the character in the movie), or realistically known as Sacha Baron Cohen. In the movie Sacha Baron Cohen plays an “eccentric” fashion designer from Austria. At one point he tells a woman carrying water on her head that he “Likes her hat.” I have not seen the movie yet, but I hear it is quite entertaining, but don’t take any of his fashion advice literally, please….

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