Has anyone ever read the documentation required to become a legal citizen? It is admirable anyone would go through that process, and it makes me respect people who become American citizens even more. The documentation is extremely long and confusing, and it takes a legal expert to understand it all, and to apply it to your specific situation. Immigration lawyers help people with this process, but it isn’t free. It makes me wonder if the extremely long and confusing documentation prevents people who are less educated become American citizens. That seems like too much of a conspiracy theory, but I am sure that if it were less confusing, we would have less illegal immigrants and more real citizens.

I wonder if it was easier to become a citizen, would celebrities who make a handsome living, to say the least, in America become citizens? For instance, there are hundreds of professional baseball and basketball players who are not American citizens, but perhaps by becoming an American citizen it would increase their fan base. I doubt any ever will, just because it is such a pain, so I wouldn’t expect to see David Ortiz or Manu Ginobli become American citizens anytime soon.

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