Everyone is innocent in some way or another, at least that should be your attitude if you want to be a criminal defense attorney. Everyone can blame something else for the crime they committed. For instance, people who shoot up a school or something and then blame video games. Is that the right thing to do? Not at all, and in my opinion you should take responsibility, but if you are a criminal attorney you need to be ready to defend those people and come up with those, sometimes ridiculous, reasons as to why your client shouldn’t be held responsible. Personally, I know I could never do it.

For instance, how could someone ever defend Michael Vick in a court case? You know he is guilty, so I guess it is just a matter of getting him less of a sentence than he would get if he didn’t hire you as an attorney. Maybe he could blame the NFL for teaching him that violence is okay if it is for a sport, or maybe the NFL scheduling office for giving him such a big off-season. Those to me are ridiculous statements, but sometimes stuff like that seems to work out well for the defendant.

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