Marketing online is a great way to reach a broad, yet targeted audience. One of the best ways to market online is to work with search engine optimizers. What better market for toasters is there than someone who is searching for a toaster online? Internet marketing may be new to some people, but it is quickly replacing non-targeted ads such as those placed in a newspaper or on a poster somewhere. However, there may be a point where marketing on the Internet becomes over saturated, and in that case, people will move back to physical marketing. Internet marketing and physical marketing is like a balance, and people will continue to move to the internet until the balance changes, then those who move quickly back to physical ads will have an advantage. 

We are not to that tipping point yet. A recent study showed that new consumers are more likely to get their information from the web even though it is becoming unbearably full of ads. For example, I read an article the other day about Youtube, and how businesses that effectively market with Youtube have a huge advantage over traditional paper marketing. Online advertising is currently in, but be prepared to switch back in a hurry.

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