Search engine optimization is like an arms race. People simply keep optimizing their websites more than the next site, and then the other site tries to catch up. At a certain point, won’t every website be optimized to the fullest? What happens then? SEO is a great way to advertise, but it may be forcing smaller websites out of business since they cannot spend the money to keep on optimizing, and they will eventually fall behind. SEO will never go away, but it seems like another tool for large companies to take over the little guys. If you take the time and look beyond the top three results of a search engine, you may find what you are looking for at an even better price if it is a product you are looking for. 

I wonder if this is happening in the movie industry. It seems like hit films are only produced by big theater companies now, ones that can control the Internet and have huge marketing budgets. I like to try and find independent films that are like the bottom search results of a search engine ranking. My personal favorite is Garden State, but I also love Once.

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