Practically every extremely successful book turns into a movie. This can be fun for avid fans, and it can reach fans who are interested in the story line but do not like to read. However, sometimes movies from books can be frustrating. Books provide a level of details that movies cannot, and books can also get inside the characters’ heads unlike movies. Also, movie producers often cut out important parts; they also add new elements into a movie, which undoubtedly angers avid fans who want the movie the just the same as the book. So when a movie comes out about your favorite book, don’t expect to love it like the book, simply go and enjoy the new visualizations you have of the characters and the scenery. 

The new Harry Potter movie came out this week, and already people are complaining about how it doesn’t match up with the book. Well, just don’t read the book right before you see the movie, and you’ll never know the difference. Or, better yet, appreciate it for what it is – an interpretation of the book.

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