In basketball, football, or any other sport, the win/loss record is everything. There is one type of law where that is applicable as well, and that is personal injury law. I doubt many attorneys keep a record book of how many wins and losses they have had, but the information can be found, and I know that if I am ever hurt, I want to hire a winner. I want a lawyer who has won similar cases to mine, and who knows the legal system in a usable way. I don’t want the smartest lawyer, or the one who has every law memorized, I want one who will win my case. A basketball coach doesn’t play people who understand the game, he plays people who are winners. You are the coach, hire a winner.

This concept is applicable to anything really. For instance, if you were a professional athlete, you could hire Drew Rosenhaus because he has such a proven track record of getting his clients huge paydays. Drew Rosenhaus represents Terrell Owens, Jeremy Shockey, Frank Gore, and many more. Find the Drew Rosenhaus of personal injury to be your attorney because you want a to win.

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