Spa therapy is a great way to relax and let the tension of everyday life melt away. It is enjoyable to both men and women; however, it is much more common for women to have a “spa day.” Men may view it as unmanly, or they just don’t enjoy it enough to dedicate an entire day to it. However, for the men reading this, a fun thing to do as a couple is to go to the spa. The man can have massages and special baths while the woman has facials and things like that. Then, you can meet up afterwards or during the day and enjoy a meal together in your spa robes. 

Now if you are a multi-millionaire, you can take this to another level. Some of these people don’t go and have spa days; they just have the spa come to them. And even one step further are rich people who have bought a portable hyperbaric chamber to keep themselves looking young and refreshed. That, to me at least, seems quite extravagant, but I guess if you have the money nothing is stupid, rather it is fun.

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