Studying abroad can help you become more fluent in another language, and/or it can open you up to different cultures and customs. This may seem frivolous to students who are short on cash, but many students end up with jobs or internships simply because they studied abroad. In fact, a friend of mine studied abroad in China, and then worked for NBC during the 2008 Summer Olympics. Studying abroad can truly be a great investment, especially if you are interested in what or where you are studying as a future career. For instance, if you would like to do international finance when you graduate, doing a study abroad somewhere regarding finance would greatly increase your chances of getting a great international finance job. 

Being an Olympic athlete I bet would be quite the international experience. Not only do you travel the world extensively, but you compete against other athletes all over the world. There are a few athletes though that got a little too much cultural influence. Michael Phelps learned a little bit too much from the Jamaicans apparently.

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