Time is money when it comes to attorneys. Attorneys don’t sell you any tangible goods they merely assist you and you pay them for their time and knowledge. This is why it is so important to be as prepared as possible, especially with your legal documents. When you need help with your documents, have them as much completed as possible when you go to see your attorney. You do not want to pay an attorney $200 an hour to fill in your name, address, etc. (even though they will simply have their secretary or someone do it for them, they will still charge you a lot of money). So make sure you have everything you do not have a question about filled in. That way you maximize your time with your attorney.

You know who else pays top dollar for legal documents? Tabloids and entertainment newspapers. They will pay thousands of dollars to get copies of celebrity legal documents like divorce filings or asset allocation documents. Can you imagine how interesting it would be to look over Michael Jackson’s will? I would be really interested to see it that’s for sure, because I want to know who is lucky enough to get the Neverland Ranch.

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