Yoga and Pilates are mostly associated with relaxation, however, they are also great forms of exercise. Stretching isn’t easy, and that isn’t all you do during yoga. Yoga and Pilates put your body into positions it is never in otherwise, and in doing so it activates muscles hardly used and trains commonly used muscles to work in a different way. Some forms of yoga involve rooms that are over a hundred degrees Fahrenheit, which gets you in better shape simply by helping your body release excess water. Regardless, yoga and pilates shouldn’t be thought of as simply a nice way to relax. They can tone your muscles and improve the overall endurance of your entire body. 

One of the biggest proponents and greatest case studies when it comes to the effectiveness of Yoga is Madonna. She swears by it, and it keeps that (old) woman in great shape. I am not sure if you have seen pictures of her lately, but she still has a rockin’ body. Madonna claims she is inspired by Tracy Anderson, who is a yoga guru. So if it can work for an older woman like Madonna, can’t it work for me and for you? I think so…

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