Due to the president and Congress' push for quick action on healthcare reform, support is fading from two critical constituencies: independents and women.  A poll conducted by the Washington Post-ABC News found President Obama's approval rating has fallen below 50 percent for the first time to 49 percent with 44 percent disapproving. President Obama has seen high approval in the past, but he has lost a lot of ground with liberals and young people. 

His approval on handling healthcare fell even more.  Liberal support fell from 81 percent in April to 64 percent in July.  This shows that skepticism is even growing among strong Obama supporters.  Americans are apprehensive about changing the healthcare system because they fear the difference in quality of care they would receive, reductions in insurance coverage, increased costs, increased government bureaucracy, limited choices of doctors or treatments, and a sharp increase in the federal deficit.

Despite these concerns, there has been one additional problem that President Obama and members of Congress did not foresee.  The Congressional Budget Office came out and said that this bill would increase costs by $1.2 trillion.  This is in complete opposition to what President Obama has been promising.  He has repeatedly said from the beginning that this healthcare reform will lower healthcare costs on families and everyone would be insured.  Now these figures are showing the exact opposite.

Although there is a new obstacle to overcome, Congress is aiming to pass this reform bill by August. Administration officials fear that if they don't make the August deadline then they will have a harder time passing the bill.  The administration has sought to pass bills quickly in the past, because they have seen more success that way.  Obama feels that in regard to healthcare “We’ve talked this problem to death — year after year… and Unless we act now, nothing will change. The need for reform is urgent and indisputable.”  

The president has made a lot of effort to turn around the economy and healthcare, but he has lost support from many of his key supporters like liberals and young adults.  He may have a difficult road ahead, but if he plays his cards right, this could easily be turned around.  So far these quick fixes haven't seemed to work, they have only created a momentary ripple in the economy that quickly disappears.  These quick fixes don't last and the American people are starting to realize that.  While there have been some improvements in the economy, these trends do not seem to be sustainable and the economy is just going to get worse.  Hopefully Congress and President Obama can figure out a solution that will work long-term.

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  • Why doesn’t the president come up with a healthcare bill that is proposed by doctors, nurses, CEO’s and CFO’s of hospitals. It would make a whole lot more sense to have a bill designed by people in the healthcare profession. He could also consult insurance companies. That would cover all avenues. Also give Congress an adequate amount of time to read and understand the bill, instead of worrying about time limits, which could be a major detriment to all of us. This is our and our childrens future.
    I have worked with nurses from Canada and their system is a mess, not to mention people not getting the care that they need. We don’t want a poorly run system. We want a system that is top notch covering all bases.
    We also need to look at litigation if a poor system is put into place.

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