If there were a list of glamorous careers, teaching in a public middle school would be pretty low on the totem pole. Few jobs are less glamorous or coveted than teaching. Teaching can be stressful. You won’t make six figures. You’re usually underappreciated. But teaching has a few really good things going for it.

Education is easily one of the most secure industries in the U.S. When other industries fall flat, children still need to be taught and the government is still obliged to pay for it.  In fact, historical statistics show that growth has been constant in teaching even through recent recessions. Ironically, in the wake of the financial meltdown, a number of financial professionals have switched to careers in teaching.

“Teachers may not have the sports cars or private jets, but they generally know that they will always have a job,” says Janet Hill, a career analyst at Classes and Careers.com. Hill points out other benefits, such as long summer breaks, great health benefits, and the satisfaction of helping kids grow.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, public education job growth will continue at an even 12 percent through 2016.

Public school teachers average $47,000 per year with some making as much as $76,000. Teachers’ pay typically increases according to their experience.

Says Hill, “Especially in this economy, teaching careers are a great way to keep a steady income coming in.”

People interested in earning a teaching degree can get their degree quicker through online education programs. By filling out a simple form, future teachers can start working on their degree in days.

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