A woman that just earned a bachelor’s degree from Monroe College in the Bronx is suing her college because she can’t find a job.  The 27-year-old claims she hasn’t been able to find employment since her graduation in April.  In the suit she is seeking $70,000 that she had previously spent on tuition.

Trina Thompson the woman that filed the suit claims the school has not provided her with leads and career advice that they promised.  The spokesman for the college reports the lawsuit has no merit, but the college continues to insist it helps graduates find jobs.

Apparently this woman has realized that there is a financial crises going on.  Thousands of individuals are losing their jobs everyday.  The school cannot possibly guarantee that they can find their graduates a job, especially in this economic situation.  They just promised to help graduates in the search.

This lawsuit is ridiculous.  I can think of several people I know that graduated from college at the same time as  Thompson and they are also experiencing difficulty in finding a job.  Does she think she’s the only one that can’t find a job?  It sounds like she hasn’t been paying attention to the news for the past year.  Several states have unemployment numbers in the double digits.

I’m sure that this school had previous success in helping students trying to find work four years ago or however long it took her to complete the degree.  The school can’t predict the future. I’m sure that they did say people with degrees generally get better jobs than people without degrees, and that they have a lot of contacts, where she might be able to get a job, but I have doubts the school flat out guaranteed her a job for the rest of her life.

This case goes to show that America has become lawsuit obsessed. Lawsuits are just a quick way to make a buck.  Instead of Thompson understanding the difficulties with the economy and that there are 50 people lined up for a single job, she has decided to sue her school.

She needs to forget the lawsuit, her sense of entitlement, and look for a job that will pay the bills.  In this economy she can’t afford to be picky.  When the economy improves she can get a better job in information technology, and be as picky as she wants.  Until then everyone should toughen up and realize that life isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.

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