When students return to college campuses this fall, they will find significant changes.  Students will find crowded classrooms, less faculty and counselors, and fewer campus services. Not to mention the fact that it will be more difficult  to get the classes they need in order to graduate.

Due to the financial problems many students will feel the pinch at school, while others won't even have the opportunity to feel it.  Many individuals that want to earn a college degree will not be able to. This change will not only effect the economy temporarily but also long term.  Because of the recession, there has been a steep decline in tax revenue going to public colleges and universities across the U.S.

This decline in funding and students can hamper the nation's rebound because just as the economy needs more qualified individuals there will be fewer available. It is predicted that by 2025 California will experience a shortage of nearly 1 million college-educated workers, which ultimately could increase the skills gap.

President Obama's goal of making the U.S. the world leader in college graduates by 2020 could be sidetracked. With states cutting funding to schools, and college tuition rising; fewer students will be able to meet the financial demands that come with getting an education.

No state is cutting funding more than California, and this will affect 3 million students attending college.  California and other states have resorted to some if not all of these tactics to try and make up for some of the difference in funding.  They have cut costs by boosting fees, turning away record numbers of students, expanding class sizes, eliminating programs, laying off staff, and furloughing professors and other employees.

Schools are trying to juggle all these problems, while experiencing a surge of military veterans and newly unemployed workers seeking training for new jobs. However, colleges are also seeing enrollment dropping among low-income students because of the financial burden it places on themselves and their families.

Despite the problems schools are having, the economy will eventually turn around and schools and students will get the funding they need. Hopefully these schools will receive even more funding than they previously had in order to remain competitive and improve upon the education students are currently receiving.

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