One of the main differences between traditional and online classes is the social spectrum.  In traditional classes it is much easier to form a support group.  You either have family, friends, or classmates that can help and encourage you. 

If you miss a class they can give you notes and you can ask for help with concepts you do not understand.  You can form study groups in order to prepare for assignments, projects, and tests. 

Students are more accountable because they have to attend class and pay attention otherwise they might get called on to answer some questions about the lecture.  School may be more structured but it is easier for most students to succeed.

Now on the other hand, there are students that absolutely thrive with online education.  They have a much more flexible schedule which allows them to earn an education while maintaining their hectic lives.

They don't have to sacrifice their life for an education.  Although, there are some helpful hints that can make online education easier for students to be successful at.  these students stress the importance of being self-disciplined and making sure they stay committed and on top of their studies.

Successful students also said that one of the other key elements to earning an online degree was forming a support group.  These support groups consisted of family, friends, and even online classmates. The same that you would see at a traditional college.

Members of this support group could be a simple role, like asking you how your classes are going.  Or just listening to you tell them what your lectures were about and what assignments you have been working on. 

The more members you have in your support group the more accountability you have.  Plus, the more people asking you about school, helping you out with other responsibilities that may take your time away from school, and the more ideas and input you get about school will increase your chances of succeeding and completing a degree. 

Online education helps students earn degrees that otherwise might not be able too.  Students with a strong support group can learn just as much as students in traditional classrooms and have a positive experience.

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