Most students cannot wait to get out of their parents homes and into their dorms. They will live on a co-ed floor, go to bed whenever they want or not. They can order pizza at anytime and leave their room as messy as they want.

The dorm life can be very exciting for first time college students but students should watch out for 9 health hazards. The first of which is meningitis. Bacterial meningitis is potentially fatal. It affects the membranes around the brain and spinal cord. It is spread through saliva so actions like sharing a beer can or kissing can be dangerous.

Another hazard is mononucleosis also known as mono. This can put students out of commission between four to six weeks. This is also spread though kissing and sharing drinks. So avoid mouth to mouth contact and wash your hands. Although it's easier said than done.

The typical cold and flu can also be another problem. Once a roommate gets this, the rest of the apartment is very likely to get it. Make sure to wipe down shared areas such as the remote or desktop with disinfectant wipes and frequently wash your hands.

Bedbugs can also be quite a problem in some college dorms. These can be a pain to get rid of, but a mattress cover and clean bedding can significantly reduce the problem. Also maintaining a clean room free of food and clutter may reduce the bedbug infestations.

While mildew on the shower curtain isn't a very big deal, mold can be an issue particularly for students with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions. If mold is located throughout the dorm then you should get out.

Besides mold, athlete's foot is something college students want to avoid. Make sure that you are wearing flip flops in community showers, because you never know who has been in it. Also make sure that you wipe the moisture from in between you toes to prevent fungal growth.

There are some potential health hazards for dorm students. However, a little common sense and precautions can go a long ways. Nothing is worse for full time students than being sick. This can put them really behind in their schoolwork and dampen their social life, which is what many college students live for.

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