Between November and May of last year the Radisson Hotels and Resorts computer systems were accessed without authorization.  This affects an unknown amount of people.  The Radisson reported that it has informed customers about the situtation and that guest information could possibly have been accessed, which included credit card numbers.

Radisson did not report how many hotels or customers were affected by the hacking, but has suggested guest check their account statements.  If any unauthorized purchases were made, it should be reported to the bank that issued the credit card, and law enforcement authorities.

Since the incident, the Radisson has been working with law enforcement and forensic investigators.  They are trying to track down the culprit as well as reviewing the affected computer systems.  They have taken extra precautions by adding security measures that will prevent a recurrence of similar attacks and protect guest’s privacy.

Besides the Radisson Hotel, there has also been another infamous hacking job.  A new track by Leona Lewis and Justin Timberlake “Don’t Let Me Down,” was leaked on the internet.  Since then, music trade Body IFPI, record label SyCo, and law enforcement have been working to try and trace the individuals that stole the track.

This hacking not only hurts the industries these companies are involved in, but individuals.  Nothing is ever 100% safe.  Make sure that you are always checking your account records for suspicious activity and if there is some, report it.

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