The Zeta Phi Beta sorority at Colorado State University has been under investigation and had their recognition withdrawn.  There have been incidents of hazing, which include being deprived of sleep, and being forced to eat cat food.

Fort Collins has been ranked as one of the top places for college students to party in the nation.  Sororities and fratenities flourish at this school and are an important tradition.  This hit Zeta Beta Phi pretty hard because they were suspended and recognition was permanently withdrawn.

Police have reported that new pledges were forced to eat cat food and perform extensive physical activity.  One pledge after these activities was forced to seek medical attention.

It is unfortunate that these students got caught up in doing something so stupid.  I’m sure the girls in charge, just thought they were having a good time, but forgot to consider the girls that were pledging.  It seems there are always sororities and fraternities in the news because some student was injured or died after binge drinking at a party or something else.

It seems that you cannot combine the words common sense and Greek in the same sentence.  These clubs are supposed to be fun for college students not put them in the hospital or the coffin.  Many students join these to be a part of something, and to improve their social life.  They just want to have fun.

Granted fun can include some stupid actions, but there has to be some fence line where students know they are going to far.  Evidently they don’t know where the line is between fun and ridiculous because incidents keep occurring.

Sororities can be a lot of fun and make the college experience that much more fulfilling, but there has to be a balance, otherwise incidents keep happening and more college students keep getting hurt.

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