Many parents don't know quite how to handle the fact that their children are going to college away from home.  They understand that they will have much less of a presence in their college students life.  On the other hand, college students understand the change and are ready to make it.  They get to be responsible for themselves and get to make their own decisions without getting permission from their parents.

As thousands of students are being dropped off at colleges by their parents, many parents are struggling with the change.  They realize that they have to let go but it might be easier to picture letting them grow up.  Parenting for college students changes, it's not like parenting a high schooler.  Parenting is no longer an active and daily thing; it's an "I'm here if you need advice, but I won't be pushing it on you" type of role.

While parents are dealing with the stress of letting go of their children, they are also worrying about finances.  In this economic recession, families are trying to cope with lost wages and how to send their kids to college.  Last December, a poll done by the Chronicle for Higher Education said that 53 percent of freshmen at four-year-colleges said their parents had concerns about financing their education.

I know that many parents including mine were worried about financing a college education even before the recession and now those worries have been compounded.  Luckily though, many parents had a college nest egg saved up.  For parents that didn't, their students will be grateful for any help that their parents can give them. 

This is a stressful time for parents, but students can help them get through this difficult time particularly when it comes to letting go.  Students should try to help their parents out by talking to them on the phone, blogging, emailing, and physically visiting them if it is possible.  While students want to live their own lives, it makes the situation easier for everyone if they gradually change the relationship over time.  Students can't expect their parents to be okay with a once a week brief conversation.  Students need to make time for their parents; otherwise the relationship will wither up over time.

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