A German amateur pilot was completely wasted on beer and wine before takeoff. However, that didn’t prevent the 65-year-old from flying above Thuringia, the easternmost German state. Because of his inebriated state, his Cessna light aircraft had to be guided to land by a rescue helicopter after he radioed the control tower.

Apparently, the man had been drinking heavily before takeoff, and that commenced while in the cockpit. After two more hours of drinking cocktails in the cockpit, the pilot was so intoxicated that he was unable to read the instruments which told him where the Schoengleida airfield was.

The man radioed back to the tower, “Come on, I know you’re down there… Where the bloody hell have you hidden yourself?” The man was referring to the landing strip he couldn’t see. Air traffic controllers also reported the man sang a few songs and cracked some jokes about his mother-in-law.

Controllers didn’t know what to think. They erred on the air of caution by believing some of the plane’s instruments had failed. So they commissioned a rescue helicopter to help the man. The helicopter met the man in clear blue skies and gave instructions for the pilot to follow.

The pilot, after some time, with the help of the helicopter, was able to make a safe landing. The helicopter pilot, after landing, reported that the Cessna pilot smelled strongly of alcohol and was stumbling around. The man slowly walked back to his car, and that’s when airfield authorities contacted police.

The man was stopped on his way home by police and given a breathalyzer test, which showed that the man was more than four times over the legal limit for driving. As a result, the man lost both his drivers and pilot’s licenses.

This man was completely reckless. First of all, drinking heavily before the flight shows how intelligent he is, but to continue after you’ve taken off? Maybe he forgot that he was an AMATEUR pilot, not to mention that he was intoxicated. Even seasoned pilots who have been flying for years shouldn’t be flying in that condition.

This man’s judgment is in question. He put his life in jeopardy, and that could have had a huge impact on untold amounts of people, not to mention the fact that he could have crashed into someone’s home, ruined part of the runway, or caused damage somewhere else.

This man was reckless, and had more than a couple of drinks. He was four times the legal limit. This man was so drunk he couldn’t find the runway, but luckily he landed safely. Then he had the nerve to go and drive his car home. It sounds like he has a few marbles loose in his head. Even though the man lost his drivers and pilots licenses, that is not enough. He needs to be given more than a slap on the wrist or he will do it again, and next time there might not be a happy ending.

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