The most popular Bible will be revised for the first time in 25 years.  The goal is to modernize the language in certain sections, and reopen debate about changing gender terms in the text.

The New International Version (NIV) which is the text for conservative Evangelicals will reflect changes in current English usage and changes in scholarship.  Changes are expected to be completed and published by 2011.

Reasons behind the changes include the fact that the more accurate and accessible the Bible is, the more likely people are to read and understand the good book.  Past attempts at editing the book have been plagued by controversies, but supporters continue to support that gender-inclusive changes are more accurate.

This time around, the NIV overseers promise that the revision process will be more transparent and clear.  As this version of the bible becomes more popular, more people want to know the revision process involved.  There are currently 300 million NIV Bibles in print worldwide.  Publishers report that this makes up one third of published Bibles sold worldwide.

This version of the Bible is very popular, but once the newer version is completed, today’s NIV will not be published anymore.  One church that doesn’t believe in the changes that will be made are the Southern Baptists.  After a convention, a resolution was passed that stated the edition was “beyond acceptable translation standards.”  Other branches of Christianity also believe the revisions change the context by focusing on the relationship god has with the group, rather than the individual.

Despite the changes, 90 percent of the NIV will be remain the same.  So few changes will be made.  An example of some of the changes that were made in the past include Mary is “with child” to “pregnant”.  The NIV counsel insists that these translations just make the book more modern and easy to understand.  They also hope these changes will make young Christians want to read the Bible more often.

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