A Florida man after a long day decided to barbeque some dinner and in the meantime opened up a can of chilled Pepsi.  He took his first sip of what he expected to be heaven, but instead started to gag and dry heave, because a dead frog was inside.

The FDA decided to perform a test to see if the frog really had been in the Pepsi can.  Much to their amazement, the FDA confirmed the remains of the frog was in Fred Denegri’s can of Diet Pepsi.  Initially Denegri believed the animal to be a rodent.

Pepsi officials have stated that they knew about the testing, but can’t imagine how the frog got into the can.  During the investigation, the can was traced back to a plant in Orlando that produces approximately 1,250 cans per minute.

One interesting fact that came to light was the fact that the toad or frog that was in the can had no internal organs.  So it was either placed in the can without them or the man must have swallowed them.  Now he got his protein for the day if that were true, but that’s just sick.

The victim – Denegri wants to know how the frog got into the can, in that respect he is not alone.  The FDA and Pepsi also want to know what happened.  Pepsi says that it is “virtually impossible” for a foreign object to enter a can in the production process.

Even though it is virtually impossible, it still happened.  After this incident, the FDA went to the Orlando factory and made an inspection.  The factory currently met the standards as well as in the past.   Officials visiting the factory reported that they saw no cause for concern.

These circumstances tend to make me think that an employee was responsible for the incident.  It sounds like someone was either really mad at the boss, or just thought it would be a funny prank to put the frog in the can.  Well if it was a joke, the Denegri’s and the rest of America did not think it was funny.  They are just thoroughly disgusted.

The Denegri’s report that they no longer drink Pepsi and are in touch with an attorney.  Although Pepsi lucked out this far, because the Denegri’s haven’t filed suit, and their stock prices continue to rise.

The Denegri’s as of right now haven’t decided if they are going to file a suit, but decided it was probably a good idea to have one either way.  Hopefully, they won’t sue because it’s just the easy way to make a buck and they weren’t really hurt in the process.  Denegri may have lost his lunch but he wasn’t hurt.

Although he may be a little nervous about drinking out of cans from now on whether that’s beer, or soda.  Either way he’s probably going to pour some of the drink out of the can to make sure nothing is floating and no disintegrated animal limbs are coming out before he takes a big swig.

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