Instead of making dinner at home, it's quick and easy to just stop and pick something up at the closest fast food joint.  However, these delicious eats can have a large impact on your waistline.  It is likely that the more you eat out the more weight you gain.  Well, since eating out has been fairly often for me, I decided to explore and find out what was really in the food I was eating.

For some reason, I thought that salads were a healthy way to go.  However, in many cases the salads are more fattening than the hamburgers and not nearly as delicious.  So anyways, here are the numbers behind the food you are eating.  These are the most fattening things the restaurants offer.

As a general rule, if something sounds delicious or filling it mostly likely will fill you with extra calories and eventually cause an extra roll around your waist.  Be prepared the numbers may shock you.  Also, some of the things you formerly ate you may no longer want to eat, so it might be a good idea to hurry and run to your favorite fast food joint and get your favorite meal before it's too late.

1.  Large Beef N Cheddar has 657 calories and 36 grams of total fat
2.  Philly Beef Toasted Sub consists of 610 calories and 30 total grams of fat
3.  The Chicken Cordon Bleu one of my favorites but not anymore has 577 calories and 30 grams of fat.  Boy that ruined my day

Arctic Circle
1.  A side of onion rings has 784 calories and 37 grams of fat
2.  1/2 lb. Angus deluxe unfortunately has 724 calories and 37 fat grams
3.  The Taco salad has 880 calories and 62 grams of fat

Burger King
1.  Angry Triple Whopper has 1360 calories and 91 grams of fat
2.  BK Quad stacker has 1010 calories and 70 fat grams
3.  Angry Tenderkrisp has 1030 calories and 61 fat grams

Carl's Jr.
1.  Western Bacon Six Dollar Burger has 1130 calories and 62 fat grams
2.  Green Burrito Taco Salad has 960 calories and 60 fat grams
3.  Six Dollar Chili Cheese Burger has 930 calories and 57 fat grams

Jack in the Box
1.  Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger 972 calories and 65 fat grams
2.  Sirloin Cheeseburger 941 calories and 59 grams of fat
3.  Ranch Chicken Club has 720 calories and of course 32 fat grams

1. Angus Bacon and Cheese holds 790 calories and 39 fat grams
2.  Angus Mushroom and Swiss has 770 calories and 40 fat grams
3.  Double 1/4 lb. w/ cheese is 740 calories and 42 fat grams

Pizza Hut
1.  Pzone Meat Lovers has 690 calories and 28 fat grams
2.  1/4 a pan of chicken alfredo has 630 calories and 33 fat grams
3.  1 slice of a large Pepperoni Pan Pizza has 400 calories and 21 fat grams

1.  The Meatball sub has 501 calories and 25 fat grams
2.  The Spicy Italian has 482 and 25 grams of fat
3.  Italian BMT has 453 and 21

Taco Bell
1.  Cheesy Gordita Crunch 560 calories and 33 fat grams
2.  Nachos Bell Grande have 790 calories and 44 fat grams
3.  Grilled Stuffed Burrito has 730 calories and 33 total grams of fat

1.  Baconator 840 calories and 51 grams of fat
2.  Chili and Cheese Potato 620 calories and 24 fat grams
3.  Big Bacon Classic 580 calories and 31 fat grams

If your mouth is still open from shock, you are not alone.  I still get shocked with this.  Many of these hamburger/sandwiches/salads if eaten may use half of your calories for the day.  So you may feast on these, but you might starve the rest of the day; if you're trying to stay within your calories for the day. Good luck! Many of your favorite food items are probably on this list, but hopefully, you can find something else you like just as much but with fewer calories.  

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