For students that are leaving home and moving out of state to go to school, there are quite a few bonuses awaiting students.  Many airlines offer deals to students that are flying to school.  Make sure that you check out airlines and their fees because in the fall they generally have better deals that are aimed at college students and their parents.

For example, Southwest Airlines currently offers its customers free baggage.  This means that  passengers can check in up to two bags for no additional cost and a third bag for only $50.  That means a student is going to save a lot of money.  Many students want to take a lot of their clothes with them, and financially this allows them too. 

Beth Matthews will be traveling from Kentucky to North Carolina in order to go to school.  Luckily her mother is traveling with her, so she can use her mother's two bags free.  All in all, Beth will be able to check in four bags of luggage for free and still have her carry-on baggage.  At one point, Southwest even offered double flier points to college students at all times, but they have since limited them.

Southwest only offered double miles on premium fares to college students between July 9 and September 3, 2009.  Students should understand that even though these offers may end, make sure to shop around when looking for student airfare. 

There are great deals that can help you with your budget.  Do a little research and I'm sure that you can find some great deals that will not only save you money, but also get you some perks later down the road.

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