There are many essential things that you may not think of when you go away to school.  You may get through the semester without them, but after you have these, your life will never be the same.  Okay maybe that was a little dramatic but get ready because college life is full of drama.  College is exciting and nothing else in your life is quite like it.  So get ready for some good times and make sure that you have these items included in your suitcases.

1. Soundproof headphones.  These are a college essential.  Sometimes you need to shut out the world and this is the best way.  If you need to study for a test, get a good night's rest which doesn't include listening to your roommate snoring, or you don't want to listen to the boy band downstairs, or other noises and distractions, these headphones are a great way to go.

2. Cork Board.  A cork board is not only fairly cheap but it can be used to take telephone messages, write notes, keep announcements of upcoming parties or study sessions, and used to hang pictures of you and some friends or family.

3. Putty.  The last and final thing is putty that can be used on your walls to hang things up.  While nails and pins used to hang pictures may not be allowed in your apartments because they leave holes, there is a simple solution.  You can use putty to hang your favorite pictures on the wall, without leaving a scratch or a hole.  The putty is easy to remove and if it leaves anything on the wall, it can be wiped off.

4. Hot Water Bottle.  A hot water bottle or rice bag can also be really nice if you are going to school in a place that has more than one season.  Sometimes it can be chilly while doing homework or at night and the heating bill can get expensive.  This is a cheap way to warm yourself up.

5. Air Freshener.  Another item that may seem fairly simple is an air freshener.  Sometimes your roommates may not have the same rules of cleanliness that you follow.  By having an air freshener you are more likely to maintain your sanity.

College is a once in a lifetime experience and you can be ready for it by having these items.  These items will simplify and make your life more comfortable.  Whether you're living on campus in the dorms, or off campus in an apartment, these purchases can help you in your life outside of the classroom.

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