An 11-year-old Alabama boy cried wolf in order to try and hide his bad grades, by faking his own kidnapping Friday.  The boy told police that a man with a pistol forced him in a "beat up car" and threatened to kill him.

The boy claims he was able to jump out of the car, but wasn't able to get his bookbag which held his report card, but rest assured he managed to get his band instrument.  After his escape, the boy ran for his grandparent's house.

He later confessed to his grandfather that the story was all a lie.  The grandfather called police in order to apologize.  Police became suspicious about the kidnapping and escape when the boy was able to get his band instrument but not his bookbag. 

The 11-year-old is not facing charges, but police wouldn't confirm that the boy would never face charges.  Even though the boy is safe and sound, the backpack and report card are still missing. 

I would be willing to bet that this boy is mischievious and a parent's worst nightmare.  You would probably never be surprised by what he would do next.  However, it would be entertaining and produce some funny stories when they reminisce about the past, years from now.

Fortunately, this far the police have decided not to press charges, although it doesn't sound like they spent much time on the case.  It's too bad though that the boy was so worried about showing his parents his grades that he had to concoct a story like this.

The boy should spend more time studying and doing homework instead of wasting his time devising plans to avoid showing his grades to his parents.  I hope that this boy gets punished for this stunt even though it is kind of funny.  Ironically, when children do things like this it's kind of funny but when adults try to pull stunts like this, I wonder if they are a few cards short of the deck.

Adults know better and so should this eleven year old.  Pretty soon he will be going into junior high or he might already be in middle school.  By this age, kids need to start being responsible for themselves and if they do something wrong they have to face the consequences.  Otherwise, they can turn into irresponsible adults, which our country doesn't need any more of.


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