As a young newlywed couple was driving through a forest in Idaho, a thirteen inch tree limb fell through the passenger window of the car and impaled Michelle Childers through the neck.

Apparently the couple drove a little too quickly around a blind corner and a stray branch struck her in the neck.  All the girl could feel was a strange pressure between her neck and shoulders.  She asked her husband "where is it?"  Apparently the girl was confused by her husband's sudden alarm but then understood when he remarked "It's in your neck."

The couple tried to keep cool because they had to drive another hour before they were met by an air ambulance at a lodge near the Idaho/Montana border.  After being flown to the hospital, the surgeons took six hours to remove the branch from her neck.

Can you imagine being a 20-year-old with a tree sticking out of your neck?  What an insane story!  That would be a good one in 40 years if you're playing the game 2 truths and a lie. 

Can you imagine calling your boss saying a tree fell through your car window and stabbed you through the neck so now you have to have surgery?  The boss would probably laugh uncontrollably, at least, after he hung up with you.

Just one day after that incident, there was another freak accident with a broken tree branch.  A family was hit by a broken branch while sitting in their SUV in Omaha, Nebraska.  The family survived, but one victim had a broken neck

Apparently a man and his step-sister had just picked up the woman's daughter from school and they were on their way to the store.  They stopped at the intersection of two streets when a tree branch landed on top of their car.

The crash was very loud and the impact knocked his step-sister Ruth Bush unconscious.  The little girl in the back was traumatized by the incident, but treated for minor injuries.  Ruth is still in the hospital at an intensive care unit with a fractured neck.

Apparently tree limbs are continuously breaking off.  This isn't the type of accident that you can prepare for or take any actions to avoid.  Basically, if it's going to happen to you it will happen.  It's a freak accident and basically all you can say is that's weird and I hope it never happens to me.  Dying trees can pose a risk, so be careful out there.

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