Do you think that you have the worst boss?  Chances are other bosses are far worse.  So you might want to keep your job unless your boss falls into one of the following categories.  Check to see if your boss fits into one of the 5 categories for world's worst types of bosses.

1.  Calls you the wrong name

Are you one of those employees that has worked for your boss for several years and they still call you the wrong name?  Are they stupid or doing it intentionally just to prove who's the boss?  Sometimes these types of bosses you want to ring their neck.  I mean you could plead insanity.  Sometimes though I think it's a power trip that they're on.

2.  Wants a personal slave

Or these are the worst kind of bosses.  They think that your life is their life.  They call you 24/7 and call you out of emergencies because they need your opinion on something completely trivial or stupid like which car design do you like better?  They are incapable of making decisions or doing anything for themselves.  You have to go pick up their clothes, lunch, and babysit their kids when the nanny can't.  This kind of boss is horrible not only because they consume your entire life but they pay you really crappy too.

3.  The best-friend not the employee

Then again there are also bosses that want a best friend rather than an employee.  On a daily basis, you get to deal with their love life, family problems, health issues, and everything else.  You probably want a professional relationship, but are forced into the personal relationship role, which can make work very unpleasant.

4.  Treat you like crap

Or there are the bosses that treat you like crap.  These bosses can be the worst, because after a while their snide comments and ill treatment can really take a toll on you.  It's always a good idea to pep talk yourself or just not wear your heart on your sleeve but after a while you can become affected by it or go the other way and just stop caring or listening.  Either way, the journey can be painful and annoying.

5.  Spastic/drunk boss

Another type of situation that can be hard for the employee is a boss that's kind of spastic.  They are constantly forgetting things, showing up at work a little drunk, or not following through with things.  So in order to keep your job; you have to do your work plus theirs.  You have to kind of serve as a babysitter.  When there's a meeting you have to make sure that they have everything they need so they will look like they are on top of everything and really contributing to the company's welfare.

If you suffer from having one of these bosses, you have sympathy from employees throughout the world.  Just hold on and try to remember that things could be worse.  Although it may not feel like it, hold on and hopefully in the near future you can find a boss that doesn't fit into these categories.    A boss that doesn't make you want to slit your wrists on a daily basis.

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