As more and more jobs are being lost, mortuary services are growing.  Even though this may not be the most glamorous job, it does provide its employees with a consistent paycheck.  Plus, this is one job that even a recession won’t slow down.  There is going to be job security that you wouldn’t believe.

This is one field that individuals become more and more interested in when the economy starts doing poorly. Because there is always going to be a need for these services.  The funeral services industry never slows down.  Generally funeral directors earn an average of $58,810 according the 2008 Bureau of Labor Statistics.

This job can be extremely difficult, because they have to deal with grieving families.  They have to work with seniors, adults, children, and babies.  They are also responsible for removing bodily fluids, facial reconstruction, and getting corpses ready for the viewing and funeral, which might include makeup and fixing hair.

Some positives of the job are that you are able to help families get through a really difficult time and you will have a constant paycheck.  Although the money may not be very high, they get to know many people and they participate in a lot of charity work with different organizations.  Plus, many relatives will give funeral directors some of the flowers from the funeral, so they will have fresh flowers for free.Mortition and Funeral Service Jobs Booming

Some of the cons may include that it is a very emotional job, and you are virtually on call all the time.  It can be a very emotional job because you have to see so many sad situations all the time, but after a while you get used to it and the job becomes easier.  Typically, there are also more deaths around holidays, so those can be some of the busiest times of the year.

This is a time consuming job because new mortitions have to be available 24 hours a day to coordinate with religious leaders, meet with families, organize memorial books and sort out death certificates.  This can be a good profession, but it can be difficult at first and you really have to love the job in order to continue doing it.  The paychecks by themselves are not enough.

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  • i am interested in funeral services careers, embalming, and possibly a degree could you send me info.
    dana meyers

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