If you suffer from having a boss that absolutely drives you nuts and you go home dreading seeing your boss the next day but can't get out of the situation, there's hope. Here is a quick survival guide. This may not help you long-term, but hopefully it will help you in the near-term. And eventually, maybe you can find a job with a boss that doesn't drive you bonkers.

As far as terrible bosses go, the 5 most hated kinds of bosses include those that call you the wrong name, want a personal slave, want a best friend not an employee, treat you like crap, or are the spastic/drunk boss.

Unfortunately, if you fall into one of these categories, you are not alone. There are thousands of bosses that fit within this category just within the United States. I cannot say whether these bosses are also the most hated on an international level, but I can't imagine them being much worse than this.

Whether you have one of these bosses inside the U.S. or somewhere else in the world, here are 4 tips that can help you survive on a daily basis until you can find another job. Most of us aren't financially set for life and can't quit on a whim. So remember these tips on how to survive your boss:

1. Remember It's Only Temporary.

Although you may think you will always be doing the same thing and working for the same terrible boss, the truth is it's only short-term. In the near future, your life will get better and you can work for someone else.

2. Exercise

Exercise is a great way to get in shape and release that stress, particularly if you do intense sports like kickboxing or running. These will allow you to get out your negative energy and help you stay in shape. This is a great feeling especially when you are in better shape than the boss.

3. Vent About Your Boss

Even though it may seem a little childish, it can make you feel better. But only backtalk your boss in your head or when you're absolutely 100-percent positive they're not around. Generally, it works better when you complain about them to friends outside of the office. Sometimes you just need to vent and then you can be constructive and go on.

4. Active Social Life

A lot of my friends try having such an active social life that work is only the thing they do between playing. That way, their day feels shorter, and they enjoy their life more. You might hate work less if you're thoroughly exhausted from having so much  outside of work.

Try these tactics. I used to have a job that I absolutely hated and a couple of these did help me on a daily basis. Even though you hate your job and you don't think you could find another one because of the economy, hold on. Eventually, the economy will get better; in the meantime, keep your eyes open for a new job.

It may be worth it to even take a lower-paying job and then pick up an extra job on the side. Depending on how severely you hate your current boss, this might work for you. Also remember, no matter what your insecurities tell you, what they are paying you isn't worth it your dignity. So start looking for another job and stay alive.

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