Everybody loves a contest, especially when it involves winning a case of ramen noodles. ClassesandCareers.com has launched a new blog called College Life particularly for college students and college students at heart. To kick things off properly, we are holding the Student Scavenger Contest 2009,which challenges students to present as many ideas on how to get free or cheap chow as possible. Whoever turns in the most ideas will win one $100 restaurant gift card, a $200 Walmart gift Card, and a case of ramen noodles.

We dreamed up this crazy challenge one day while reminiscing about all the wild things we did during school to get three square meals a day. I used to go to fast food joints at closing time and offer the manager all the change I had in exchange for all the stuff they hadn’t sold that day. For $4.27, I could get two days worth of Big Macs, McRibs, french fries, and Quarter Pounders with Cheese. Sad, yes. Desperate, absolutely. But it makes for a wonderful yarn later.

Another wonderful one I heard of was a gentleman who, finding his cupboard contained only a can of corn niblets and a tiny mound of dust bunnies, called his friends together for a potluck. He made sure to call the best cooks around. When the potluck came, he heated up his corn niblets, adding in a small lump of butter, which he borrowed from his roommate, for good measure. His friends brought lasagna, bratwurst sausages, and a heap of other delectables. All went home gorged and content. Some even left some leftovers with our protagonist. And our protagonist lived to fight another day. Truly, he was a Student Scavenger, inventive, sly, and a tad bit unprincipled.

So that’s what this contest is all about: commemorating all the crazy things we resort to in order to get some food when money is stretched. You can tweet your ideas or post them on Facebook as long as you link back to our blog. You can leave your ideas as a comment on our blog. You can even film yourself demonstrating your idea and post it on YouTube for a bonus. The most entries wins, with videos getting extra weight.

If you want to join the contest and earn the honor of being a genuine Student Scavenger, go to the contest page to get started.

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