Languages may take a lot of time to learn, but they are worth it.  Some may be more difficult to grasp depending on the roots of your first language. 

For example, if you speak Spanish it's easy to speak Portuguese or Italian but if you know Korean it will be easier to grasp Japanese than it would be Arabic.  Speaking languages that differ a lot from your own and have different roots can be difficult but there are many reasons you should do it.

Even within one language there are a lot of differences.  Different parts of a country may speak the same language but pronounce words differently, or even use different terms.  For example, a Georgian would say Coke while a Utahan would say pop.

So not only are there stark differences in the terms, but many countries also have different languages.  For example, India has 22 official languages, because each area has their own dialect.

Languages can also be difficult to learn because they adopt words from other languages.  English is infamous for this. Rather than coming up with words, many languages just adopted that word into the language.  While this may be easy for native speakers, it makes it difficult for others to learn.

Another reason it can be difficult is because you don't have much exposure to the language.  Unless you are living in that country and learning it there, you don't get to practice it on a regular basis.  Plus it's difficult to pick up on correct pronunciations and punctuation unless you have someone to answer your questions or check your work. 

It can also be difficult to if you're not fully immersed in the country and the language. Plus, often times what you learn isn't very valuable.  Sometimes what you learn in language classes is how a four-year-old speaks.

It can be helpful to practice with someone but this can also limit you unless you are learning a common language.  For example, if you are an American learning Spanish or Chinese it will be easier to find someone to practice with and answer your questions than trying to find someone that speaks Bengali.

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