Many parents are trying to decide whether to send their kids to private school. Private schools do offer many perks to parents and students.  Although there are some drawbacks as well. One of the main reasons parents put their children in these schools is so that they will be better prepared for college. Does it really make much of a difference?

Private Schools offer students more time with the teacher. Smaller class sizes are really tempting because with more one on one attention comes greater understanding. Plus private schools tend to be more accommodating than public schools.  If students are handicapped, suffer from a learning disorder, or just struggle in school they have specialists and teachers that are willing to do anything to help your child succeed.

They also offer accelerated programs that can help your children learn faster and prepare them for college.  Many private schools spend a lot of time on the basics so that children really understand and then they can progress at a faster rate.  They also offer greater resources to students.  In public schools, many classes don't have enough books for students to have one in class and one to take home so students can't spend much time studying.  Private schools have more resources available to them.

However, one of the problems with private schools is that they are very expensive.  Many parents don't have a problem cutting corners in other places in order to fund their children's education.  Another thing is that the student body at private schools doesn't tend to be very diverse so students are missing out on different perspectives and experiences that tend to give them a more rounded education.

Students at private schools also tend to miss out on team sports.  Many don't seem to know how to work together on a team.  Plus, they miss out on teamwork and the competitive sports that can not only be great exercise, but keeps many kids out of trouble.  Plus many miss out on the social skills that come naturally to students in public schools.  Because many students in private schools are from similar backgrounds they tend to be clickier and stuck up.

Another problem with some private schools is that some colleges do not accept their credits.  They don't recognize them or accredit them.  So after these students have gone to school for years, learned, and worked really hard they don't reap any benefits, because colleges don't accept them.  I know this is a rare exception but there's still that chance so make sure colleges accept credit from that private school before you enroll your child there.

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