Have you ever thought about dating that cute boy/girl in your class? Well for most college students it hasn't turned out very well. There are numerous complications that can keep you from focusing on anything but class.   If you can just hold off until the end of the semester, you won't regret it.  In order to motivate yourself here are some experiences that didn't work out.

Many students throughout their college career face the dilemma of whether to date someone in their class. On the first day many girls and guys stand at the back of class befor sitting down or else sit down by themselves so they can scope out the class. Then the next time they know exactly who they're going to sit by.

Sitting by this person repeatedly without looking like a stalker can be very exciting.  Usually over time you get to know each other and it can be a fun semester. Life gets interesting when you have to decide whether to date your classmate.

For those of you that have sat by a couple of guys and they both like you, you can either date one of them or both of them.  I went for both and when I sat in between them during class it started to get especially awkward, especially because I liked one and not the other.  I know when I started this, I was kind of asking for trouble but in my defense they knew I was dating both of them and they acted okay.  In my case, it was the end of the semester before things started to really get awkward.

So in order to avoid a situation like this don't date either one.  However, if you decide to date just remember it may turn ugly. Especially if you can't sit by each other in class and you have to move seats mid semester.  If it's a smaller class, not only will the class notice, but the teacher might also.  In one of my classes a professor pointed out that one of the students decided to move seats mid semester and sit by different people.  It was awkward for everyone in the classroom let alone the two individuals that had broken up.

The moral of the story is to wait until the semester is over.  However, if you can't then at least put it off until towards the end of the semester.  By waiting until the end, you are less likely to have drama because it's a shorter amount of time.  Plus if the relationship progresses slowly then you may not have drama until after the semester ends and then you won't have to see that person again.

Even though there's a hot guy or girl in your class, just be friends.  A relationship can be great but if it ends badly you are going to hate that class and most likely not learn anything.  So just hold off until the semester ends, or at least the ending is in sight.

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