Generally, Americans enjoy traveling. While Americans may not travel quite as much as Australians, Europeans, or Chinese; they do enjoy exploring different countries and cultures. In the past, Americans have tended to predominantly visit countries that speak English and have a similar culture.  However, Americans are expanding their horizons and visiting these 10 countries the most.

1. Mexico
Our neighbor just south of the border is not only close but cheap.  If you can’t get very much time off work, Mexico is a great solution.  They have beautiful beaches and resorts, a favorable exchange rate, a different culture and passport regulations are more lax than other countries.

2. Canada
Canada is the second most visited country.  Canada is beautiful and many Americans enjoy going to both the rural areas and witnessing the scenic beauty, along with large cities like British Columbia, Montreal, and Quebec.  Quebec is the little France at a cheaper price and closer proximity.  Plus Canadians tend to be America friendly.

3. England

Since England used to own the United States and many American’s ancestors are from there. This is the most visited country overseas by Americans.  England also has a close alliance with the United States, plus it’s English speaking which makes this a top destination.

4. Italy
Italy is home to so much history.  There are so many great places to see like Rome, Vatican City, Milan, Florence, Venice, and Tuscany.  Not to mention that they have unbelievably delicious food. Plus Italy is more affordable to go to in comparison with other western European countries.

5. France
Since our country was established, France has been a great ally.  Although we don’t see eye to eye on everything, this is a great place to see.  Paris is famous for being one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  In addition, France also offers a unique culture. Although prepare yourself, because it is very expensive.

6. Germany
Germany offers a lot of history. There are great cities like Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Dresden, Nuremberg, and not to mention the Black Forest.  Germany offers diversity that many countries can’t.  It is a very prestigious country and the exchange rate is not in our favor, but it is a lot of fun and surrounded by many other countries which makes it a great place to start or end your trip in Europe.

7. Bahamas/Caribbean

The Bahamas is great for travelers.  It offers beautiful resorts and pristine beaches.  Tourists really get to relax and enjoy themselves.  The Bahamas is a popular destination along with other Caribbean countries because they offer a break from everyday life.  Plus they’re close, safe, and inexpensive.

8. Ireland

Besides the irresistible accent the Irish have, they are also friendly.  In Ireland you really get to explore the countryside and feel like you’ve stepped back in time.  The country is green and tourists flock to see sheep and thatched cottages.  There are also exciting cities tourists may spend their time in.  Plus, the recession has hit Ireland hard so this is a cheaper European destination.

9. Japan
While Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world it is a great place to visit.  This destination provides Americans with an experience they cannot find anywhere else.

10. China
Because of the growth that China has experienced it’s a haven for businessmen and tourists alike.  Tourists can buy tons of stuff for very little money.  There are great cities like Beijing, Hong Kong, and sites like the Great Wall of China.

Although there are thousands of places to see throughout the world, these are the ones more Americans choose to visit than any other. The world offers exciting places to see but if you find yourself in a predicament about where to go: check out some of these places but don’t limit yourself.

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