Okay so I don’t know where I have been, but what are these experts thinking? They want a sales tax on sodas in order to try and battle obesity. Congress wants to place a 1 cent tax on every ounce of soda and sweetened beverages.

This really rubs me the wrong way and makes me furious. First of all, one cent per ounce is ridiculous. At least where I live that means the tax is going to be between 25-30 percent of the cost of my drink as it is now but that means there will be an even greater jump if it were implemented. This not only affects soda drinkers but also sports and energy drinkers.

Personally, but I know many other people that feel the same way, I am really upset that experts and the government feel it’s their right to babysit me. Let people drink what they want. Why does government worry about such stupid things instead of worrying about the important things?  Frankly the government is a waste of time and money 80% of the time. Why don’t they focus on things that will actually improve the lives of their citizens?

Now I understand that they are trying to lower obesity rates, but this is not the way to do it. Soda drinks are part of the culture and lifeblood of America. Whenever people want to just relax, have a barbeque, or watch sports games a can of soda usually goes along with that.

If certain individuals choose to be obese, punishing everyone isn’t fair. Rather, the obese individuals should work on lowering their weight and moderating their food, but ultimately they have a right to live the way they want. Unfortunately, the more government tries to get involved the more defiant the people are going to get.

The more the government tries to stop the sales of these sugary drinks; the more people will buy them. Just like with alcohol, when the government started taking actions against it before prohibition, it became a booming industry and I think that will also happen here.

Plus, how would the government take into account diet drinks and low sugar energy drinks? They can’t obesity on diet drinks? So would they still tax it or not? Because if they didn’t that would make some people feel a little bit better, but ultimately that would be a disaster for gas stations and fast food restaurants everywhere. Especially when you go to a restaurant and get free refills.

Now that I have presented my arguments and frustration with this, I better just say that if the government does try to pass this tax I think there will be a general outcry all over the nation. Congressman will be receiving more phone calls, faxes, and letters from their constituents than they have on many past issues.

I will be one of the first to be calling and writing my representative because this is an issue that the government does not belong in. People have the right to drink what they want and mark my words if this tax passes, it won’t be long before they raise the taxes on alcohol, cookies, candy, ice cream, juices, chips, fast food, which comes down to basically everything. The government will nickel and dime us all in the name of battling obesity, when that should be a personal issue.

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