As it turns out Washington D.C. is currently the preferred area for the young adults that are making more than $100k a year. In a recent analysis sixteen of the top 50 counties in the U.S. with the highest share of wealthy young people was the Washington D.C. area.

In terms of percentages, there are counties in the Washington metro area that are making more as a percentage of the population than other young adults in San Francisco and New York. In the 1990s a lot of these wealthy young adults were located in Texas because of the growing economy.

Now more young professionals are deciding to settle in major metropolitan areas. Behind Washington, D.C. are San Francisco, Manhattan, and Denver. Approximately, 16 percent of households headed by 25-34 year olds have a median income of $49,754. While slightly more than 13 percent earn $100k a year.

Overall the national median income is $51,287. One thing to point out though, is that these young individuals may be earning a lot, but they also live in the most expensive areas. Home values are extremely high along with other living expenses. What $100,000 buys in D.C. might equal what $60,000 can buy somewhere else.

Plus in Washington, D.C. it's not the government that's responsible for these salaries. Washington D.C is where a large fraction of the bright and talented individuals congregate and because of that the wages are not that high. There's a lot of competition. Although those that do earn high wages, are getting those from special interest groups, businesses, and think tanks that try and get government officials on their side.

Many of these individuals with high incomes are the ones that worked really hard in school, earned degrees, and graduated from top universities throughout the country. So in essence, there isn't much of a surprise there. 

That's still quite high though considering the fact that most individuals earn the most when they are between the ages of 45 and 54. But in the meantime these figures seem quite high during these economic times. It seems like many people are struggling to put food on the table, but we need people earning high wages in order to support welfare and social security.

Although what's wrong with these people earning that much money? We live in a system that supports Capitalism; therefore it's every man on his own. If you work hard, become educated or create something, then you will reap the benefits. What's wrong with these individuals earning that much and more? That's the American Dream, and it's still alive today. It's something that we can all attain if we are willing to put in the sweat and tears that it requires.

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