Police arrested a California pilot for stalking his ex-girlfriend with his plane.  The man repeatedly flew low over the woman’s home.  After several passes over the home, over a dozen residents called police to complain.  The Concord police officer arrested the pilot Tom Huey shortly after he landed the single-engine aircraft.

Sergeant Leftwich reported that they have received complaints and been investigating about a low-flying plane for over a year.  Apparently the woman had taken out a restraining order against the man last year but it wasn’t served until recently.  On suspicion of felony stalking and violating a restraining order, Huey’s held on $155,000 bail.

This incident gives stalking a new meaning.  Generally, it seems like stalkers are poor and unattractive.  If an individual is good looking, they are considered driven and persistent and not a stalker. Unfortunately, if you’re good looking and wealthy in this country you can get away with a lot more. So the fact that this man was flying a plane over a woman’s house shows that he must have some money, he’s educated and most likely successful, not to mention smart.

Huey was smart in the way that he didn’t want to get in trouble by getting to close to the woman, so instead he would fly low over her house.  This way cops couldn’t catch him, and he could still stalk and harass her.  However, his plan didn’t work out entirely.

This means he is pretty intelligent and that he will not give up easily.   It sounds like this man will not be happy without her and she will have a difficult time getting away from him.  Hopefully this guy will wake up and smell the coffee.  She’s not into you so just suck it up and move on.

Why do some people have such a hard time moving on?  It’s like they think the more they’re around that person the more they will like them.  Although there can be some truth in that statement, 90 percent of the time it’s the other way around.  It turns out being that the one person hates the other the more time they spend together.  They need to remember the phrase “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

Plus, why would you even want to spend time with someone that didn’t like you back?  That would be awkward, uncomfortable, and I don’t think it would do much for your self-esteem.  I don’t know what stalkers in general are thinking, because most people want to be around other people that make them feel better not worse.  So in the case of stalkers, it’s quite simple stop following and keeping your eye on someone.

Instead, go out and speak with a psychiatrist, stop stalking, and eventually maybe you can find someone that you are interested in that feels the same way about you.  It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.  Get help and quit stalking today!

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