An Alabama mother has been charged with endangering the welfare of her child. The child was riding in a cardboard box on top of her van down a highway. Albertville police arrested the 37-year-old mother.  Police received several phone calls that a minivan on the highway had a child riding on top.

The woman when questioned by police reported that the box was too large to fit in the minivan and they needed it. Therefore, the only thing to do was place the box on top of the van. She said that the box would have fallen off so she had her daughter get in the box in order to hold it down.

When police questioned the woman about how safe that was for her child she reported that she had secured the box with a clothes hanger. So what I am trying to understand from this story is how a clothes hanger would secure the box.

Maybe she hooked the hanger around the rack on the top of the minivan and then stuck it through the box so the girl could hold on or something. Either way, this is the most stupid thing I have heard anyone do in a long time. I award this mother the “idiot of the week award.”

Even though the 13-year-old girl was on the roof in the box she wasn’t harmed. The mother was out on bond shortly after the incident. What doesn’t make sense to me is why she couldn’t flatten the box or find a rope to tie it on.

It seems like a large jump to go from it won’t fit in the car to jump on top and I will try to drive home carefully. I wonder what the rest of her family thought of the incident. They probably thought it was okay just like the mother.

Not only was this stupid but it was extremely dangerous.  The girl would have landed on the road if for any reason her mother would have slammed on the breaks. She would get road rash, probably have head trauma, and possibly run over by her mothers or anothers car.

This situation could have turned into a tragedy but luckily it didn’t. It makes me wonder if this lady is one of those parents that drives around with her children on her lap instead of in a car seat.  The government has made it illegal for children not to be restrained while riding in the car because it’s dangerous.

Some parents just don’t take their children’s safety seriously.  If anything would have happened there wouldn’t have been anything to protect her.  The mother in the car had a seatbelt, airbags, and the metal on her car to protect her but this girl had nothing.  This cardboard box wouldn’t have stood up to anything plus she would have flown out of it beforehand.  I hope that the law comes down hard on this lady because she is freaking nuts!

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