With unemployment as low as ever, many have gone back to the books to get better degrees. Along with better job opportunities, more education is bringing these jobseekers higher paychecks.

 “People are going back to school for better or completely new degrees,” says Donna Graham at ClassesandCareers.com. “They see the necessity to be more competitive in the job market.”

 Even the employed are seeking higher education to ensure they always have a job and get a higher salary.  Most continue working full-time because they can’t afford to cut back on their work hours. 


 “I got my bachelor’s degree in Business Management a long time ago.  I’ve been working as an Account Executive for the past 12 years. Others have come into my company and quickly surpassed my position and salary because they had their master’s degree,” says Megan Ferrell, from Highlands Ranch, Colorado.  “Because times are so rough, I decided it was the appropriate time to get a better education.”

 That’s when a friend recommended she visit ClassesAndCareers.com, a free online education information resource. She was contacted by an education counselor who set her along the path to getting her MBA.

 “It’s been nice to keep working full-time while taking online classes at night,” she says.  “As soon as I finish I will be more qualified for higher salary jobs.”

 If you want to be more competitive in the work force, visit ClassesAndCareers.com to be connected with a live education advisor.  After discussing your career goals, he or she will recommend the best program for you.


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