Officers in the armed forces are making education a top priority to deployed soldiers.

“Knowledge is power. If a Marine takes advantage of education opportunities while they’re in the military, it will make them more competitive within their military occupation specialty and in the civilian workforce,” Gunnery Sgt. Anthony Forbes, says.

The military offers help to soldiers in enrolling in classes. Forbes completed 71 credits while enlisted and is working towards a degree in human resources.

“With the current tempo here in Iraq, there is no excuse why every Marine can’t take at least one course while here,” says Master Sgt. James Emch. “Marines should jump at the opportunity to better themselves and set themselves up for a successful future.”

Deployed soldiers can get up to 100 percent of their educational expenses paid for by the government through programs like Tuition Assistance, the Montgomery GI Bill, and the Marine Corpse College Fund.

“The best time for Marines to pursue their education is not when they get out of the Corps. It’s while their still in it,” says an education technician at Camp Courtney in Japan.

A friend recommended he visit, a free online education information resource. In a few minutes, users can fill out a form and be connected live with an education advisor.

"I went to the Web site and told them about my goals," Sergeant John Noble says. "Not long after, an advisor called me and helped me find a nice, flexible online program. I could do lectures and homework during my time off."

Noble is now more than halfway through his bachelors in accounting. "It has been really convenient for me to continue my education while I’m enlisted,” Noble said.  “I should finish right before I am released and will be able to go directly into a Masters Program.”

If you are considering enrolling in classes while still serving, visit to be connected live with an education advisor. After assessing your career goals, he or she will help you work towards your educational and career goals.

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